SE RF «Parkhomivske» is a specialized state enterprise of producing original and basic seeds of vegetables and melons crops of the Institute of Vegetables and Melons Growing of NAAS, basic seeds of cereal crops a varieties of the Рlant Production Institute named by V.Ya. Yuryev of NAAS, the V.M. Remeslo Myronivka Institute оf Wheat of NAAS, which is consistent with its production activities and seed breeding programs.

The territory of the farm is located in the north-western part of Krasnokutsk district, Kharkiv region on the border with Sumy and Poltava regions within the South-eastern (Kharkiv) agro-soil district of the Left Bank of Ukraine. Distance from the district center of the village. Krasnokutsk - 14 km, from the regional center - Kharkiv - 105 km, from the railway station Vodian - 25 km. It has a good road connection, as all roads are paved.

1770.1 ha of land are assigned to the farm, of which 1625.7 ha are agricultural land, including 1369.8 ha of arable land.

The number of employees in the season is 70 people. All employees are responsible, hardworking and receive a stable salary. The economy is developing steadily and is a conscientious taxpayer to the budget. There are no arrears of taxes and settlements with suppliers for goods and services. The administration of the enterprise takes care of social protection of workers, takes care of retirees of the farm and the elderly, as well as systematically provides charitable assistance to schools, kindergartens, churches and health care facilities.

The main areas of research:
  • The main activity is the production of economy is the original and basic seeds of vegetables and melons crops, basic and certifi ed seed crops, soybeans and commodity production of grain and industrial crops.


Offers to production:
  • The farm carries introduction of research and breeding programs, is responsible for the timeliness and quality of implementation. Breeding programs have been developed to introduction of new prospective and economically profi table domestic breeding varieties. On average for the four previous years, the yield of winter wheat 46.2 c/ha, spring barley – 36.6 c/ha, buckwheat – 24.8 c/ha; sunfl ower 27.3 c/ha.In order to popularize crop varieties which are breeding of NAAS scientifi c institutions, the diff usion of science and best practices laid demonstration polygons. Machine-tractor fl eet is fully equipped.
  • Also SE RF «Parkhomivske» of the IVM of NAAS deals pigs. Today the farm has 1,178 pigs breeds of «Velyka Bila», of which 106 sows. The average increase in pig fattening farm is 650 g, during the year is always provided fodder, veterinary preparations.

Address: 62014 Kharkivska obl., Krasnokutskyi r-n, s. Parkhomivka, st. Radianska, 10
Phone: +38(05756) 95180